More Red Mercury coverage

The New York Times Magazine article is continuing to generate coverage of the Red Mercury Hoax.

On Slate’s Political Gabfest podcast  (at the 1:06:00 mark) Emily Bazelon, a writer from the Magazine, calls attention to CJ Chivers’s article and refers to Red Mercury as “The Holy Grail of Super Dangerous Weapons.” Which is a good line.

A story on News Corp’s Australian website mentions this website and says efforts like ours to combat the hoax and present the truth are “merely deemed to be the work of non believers” by members of Islamic State.  Yes, we’re non-believers in the myth because that’s what it is: a myth. And we’re right.  Red Mercury is a hoax. A fantasy.  And people who do believe are dying trying to prove otherwise.

Michael P. Moore

November 21, 2015

moe (at) landminesinafrica (dot) org


One thought on “More Red Mercury coverage

  1. i have seen red mercury( quick silver), after putting into a cup fill with acid, the colour remain the same and can pass through white canvass without any colour left, and another one is looks like mercury, semi liquid, size of TT ball, having characteristic of TT ball ( it can bounce back and fro) . Could you tell me what is these two ?


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