Who is looking for Red Mercury

All of the recent attention on the Red Mercury hoax has been welcome.  But it did make me curious about who is searching for Red Mercury (because it DOES NOT EXIST) and in what context they are looking for it.  Using the search engine data collected by the Campaign’s site and doing a content analysis, I came up with the following information:

Red Mercury Searches

More than a quarter of the visitors to the Campaign’s website have found the site by using search terms like “Where to find Red Mercury”?  One in eight visitors are looking for Red Mercury and either landmines or other unexploded ordnance.  Two new areas that we can explore are the ideas of “cutting money” which means creating money through magical processes and the “Sandawana” which is a mythical animal in Subsaharan Africa.  Presumably, people are searching for Sandwana and Red Mercury for the same purpose: to get rich.  I was heartened to see almost one in ten searchers are looking at Red Mercury as a hoax or looking for stories about the con men running Red Mercury scams.

As for where the searchers are coming from, more than a quarter are from Southern Africa (Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe), but a surprising number are from Europe.  India, with 5% of the searches, was unexpected but Turkey, where recent arrests for Red Mercury scams took place, was not.

Red Mercury Search Origins

Unfortunately, I could not correlate the location of the searcher with the search terms used, but I did think it interesting that Zambia had more people searching for Red Mercury than any country except the United States.  South Africa and Zimbabwe had the third and fourth most searches, respectively.

But wherever you are: Red Mercury does not exist and anyone who tells you otherwise, whether in person or via Google is a conman.

Michael P. Moore

December 8, 2015

moe (at) landminesinafrica (dot) org

19 thoughts on “Who is looking for Red Mercury

  1. I took a look at the crystalline structure of Mercury(II) pyroantimonate. Only 1 Russian journal claims to have made it and, to be honest, 1950s Russian papers are NOT a reliable source. Anyway, on the off chance, I looked at what neutron bombardment would do. From the energy calculations, the Wigner effect might occur in this unlikely-to-exist compound could uniformly form Interstitial (higher energy) defects, how much energy would be released. Remember, Windscale was cause by Wigner energy release causing a temperature rise.
    I’m not a competent inorganic chemist but would be interested if anyone has thought along these lines. It remains theoretical as there is no method of producing Mercury(II) pyroantimonate (that work). AND the mercury (neutron cross-section 274!) then I’m interested in the heat released so that the slow annealing occurs rapidly due to energy release. How much energy do you get?
    I suspect the Russians may have done the calculations and just needed the compound…. it ends there.

    Just keeping an open mind


      • Red Mercury exists. They just proposed it to me in Cameroon. I have video. The owner has all Licenses, but does not know where to sell it. Can you please contact me? My phone number is 832 921 7224. My name is Clavaire Elanga. I am author of the book titled IS GOD LOGICAL?


      • Why isn’t it a good place to make such comments when there’s nothing illegal? We have Red Mercury in Cameroon. I just don’t know how to bring it to the US. This liquid is delicate to fly with. Anything can happen on air. In addition, we need a License to handle it; and I do not have one. This liquid is now in the higher rank of police’s hands. You can purchase it, and I am willing to provide all contact.


      • Did you contact Ruben?Hi Michael,Just to follow up. Did you contact Ruben for Red Mercury? I thought you needed it. Have a blessed day.


  2. Hi guys I would like to assure you. I am not a chemist but red mercury exists and it’s real. If at all you can get time and come to Uganda, I take you to 5 places were u will test the product n prove it’s worth and existence u will even get rich from the areas


  3. i have seen red mercury ( quick silver), after putting into a cup filled with acid, the colour remain the same and can pass through white canvass without any colour left, and another one is looks like mercury semi liquid, size of TT ball, like TT ball, it can bounce back and fro. could you tell me what is these two ?




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