In which I get offered some “red mercury”

I think I have been pretty clear: Red Mercury is a hoax substance that does not exist.  In every post I have made about the stuff I have repeated these lines. But that hasn’t stopped at least six (!?) people from trying to sell me the stuff.  So… I took the bait.  Sure, send me the “evidence” you have of Red Mercury and I’ll check it out.

This video supposedly came from a worker at a Russian munitions plant who had managed to smuggle some Red Mercury from the plant where he worked. As he described it, “it is a pink colour, rounded shape, TT ball size, looks like metal mercury appearance , they can suck it into a syringe and when they press out from syringe it can bounce like TT ball, and its weight is one kilogram.” I have no idea what the stuff really is, but it isn’t Red Mercury (because it doesn’t exist). Unfortunately, our conversation did not continue.

More recently, I received this video from a person in Cameroon. He said the stuff came from Guinea (which I had not previously heard of as a possible source of Red Mercury). bottle-label

The label calls the stuff Mercuric Iodide and was brought to my attention by a fellow who wanted to be paid a finders-fee for linking me to the person with the Red Mercury, Mr. R. I had a couple of WhatsApp exchanges with Mr. R. who never quoted me a price for the Mercury, but did offer me a partnership in his 50 hectare farm if I was interested in that instead of the Mercury.  When it became clear I was not about to try and buy Mr. R.’s Mercury, our correspondence ended.

If someone else offers me Red Mercury, I will continue my inquiries; if only because I am curious.  But I know, as should all of you, that this stuff is pure hokum and a con.

Michael P. Moore

November 24, 2016

moe (at) landminesinafrica (dot) org

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