Despite my best efforts, you keep trying to sell me Red Mercury

At least once a month, someone writes to me and offers me Red Mercury or tells me where I can get it.  Which astounds me as I thought I was pretty clear about my position on this stuff: it’s a real as unicorns and Tinkerbell.  But okay, I’m here and I am interested in understanding the myth and its origins so I always ask for photos and where the sender got the stuff from.  I would like to share with you two recent efforts.

Jinx in South Africa wrote to me saying, “My friends came across this Red Liquid HgO and want to sell it. I have read that it’s used in gold processing.  But we have no idea and we’ll…. Want some money for it. Our luck maybe. And I must say.  What I’ve read sounds scary and dangerous. I just don’t want to get in trouble.”  To verify what he had, I asked Jinx for a photo and this is what he sent me:


South Africa Jinx

So, what is wrong with this photo:

  • First, Red Mercury does not exist;
  • Second, Jinx said he had *liquid* Red Mercury, but the label says it’s a gas;
  • Third, Germany has a “Ministry of Defence,” not a “Department of Defence;”
  • Fourth, a product made in Germany would have a German language label;
  • Last, the math doesn’t work: Hg 99.9% + Uranium 0.23% + Platinum 0.13% + Roctozia 0.08% + Matridox 0.35 [%] = 100.69% (and I cannot find any definition for “Roctozia” or “Matridox”).

Basically, this is a tube of junk.  The warning labels – “radioactive,” “flammable gas,” “danger” – just serve to heighten the suggestion this is interesting stuff that requires attention, but it’s worthless.  Sorry, Jinx.


Karabelo wrote to me “to convince you of the existance of r-mercury by sharing my pics. I have them now.  The small one is 350ml and then 500ml.”  Well, Karabelo, convince away.  But of course, he couldn’t because he “sold one to the chiness last week. I think they will be selling it to the Arabs in SA because thats where the market is. They took it to the lab and tested positive.”  Hmm. What did it test positive for?

Like Jinx’s stuff, the language doesn’t match the country of origin: I would expect a product made in Russia to have Russian (Cyrillic) writing on it.  I do appreciate the suggestion, “Do not open,” on the item on the left and the red skull and cross bones on the item on the right.  I don’t know why the item on the right has a bit of camouflage on it but I am certain these wouldn’t test positive at any lab for anything but BS.

All of the photos were taken from the inside of a right-hand drive car which is consistent with South African origins.

Oh, and I just got another email today from someone claiming to have Red Mercury from meteorites.  Can’t wait for more on that one.

Michael P. Moore

July 10, 2017

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