About the Campaign Against Red Mercury

In the Landmines in Africa blog I have written on several occasions about people killed and injured in the attempt to extract red mercury from landmines and other explosive devices.  However, red mercury DOES NOT EXIST and many innocent bystanders have suffered grievous injuries as a result of this hoax.  This blog and campaign seeks to clear up the myths about red mercury and develop awareness materials specific to those would pursue red mercury.

In short, if someone tries to sell you red mercury and quotes an awfully high price, this is what you should be buying:

Vintage Red Mercury;


not this HPIM0028,

this Red_Mercury_for_Sale,

this sewing-machine

or these mines.

Red mercury does not exist.  Do not tamper with explosives to try and extract it because all that will happen is you will lose your life and kill or injure those around you.

Michael P. Moore

moe (at) landminesinafrica (dot) org




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