Video of “Red Mercury”

A few days ago, someone reached out to me to say that he had seen Red Mercury and also had a cell phone video of the stuff.  According to the writer,

[I] have seen red mercury( quick silver), after putting into a cup fill with acid, the colour remain the same and can pass through white canvass without any colour left, and another one is looks like mercury, semi liquid, size of TT ball, having characteristic of TT ball ( it can bounce back and fro) .

He later wrote to say,

i tried to dye metal mercury in many different ways but it can not dye. if you have some information, please do tell me, the other item i said on my comment is not like this, it is a pink colour, rounded shape,TT ball size, looks like metal mercury appearance , they can suck it into a syringe and when they press out from syringe it can bounce like TT ball, and its weight is one kilogram

You can see the video for yourself here.  I would appreciate any thoughts. I’m certain this isn’t Red Mercury because Red Mercury does not exist (and the lemon rind is a new twist [!]). Red Mercury is a hoax and anyone who tries to sell you some is a conman.

Michael P. Moore

May 21, 2016

moe (at) landminesinafrica (dot) org

Three men arrested in India for Red Mercury scam

According to a story in the Hindu, three men approached undercover Indian police and tried to sell them Red Mercury supposedly obtained from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) sources in Sri Lanka.  The conmen claimed to have some eight pounds of the stuff to sell and demanded the equivalent of US $2.2 million for the whole lot.

The link to LTTE is a new one to me, but the truth remains: Red Mercury does not exist and anyone trying to sell it is running a con.

Michael P. Moore

January 2, 2015